Pricing Models

CodeCrab Studios offers different pricing models to meet global clients’ diverse needs. We understand that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility – we can customize a model to address your specific needs.

At CodeCrab Studios,  we offer a range of pricing models that enable us to cater clients with different needs. In addition, we keep our pricing models flexible enough to address real time changes in clients’ needs.


Fixed Time/ Fixed Price

When the scope and specifications of the project are clearly defined, we offer a low risk pricing model called the Fixed Time/Fixed Price model. As the name suggests, under this pricing model both teams, clients and us, mutually agree on the date for deliverables and the price. We take necessary precautions in estimating the time and price for the projects, and follow industry best practices to ensure the project is delivered in time and within the estimated budget.


Time and Material

The Time and Material pricing model is comparatively more flexible than the Fixed Time/Fixed Price model. In this model, clients have the freedom to alter project specifications and scope on an ongoing basis in accordance to the latest or upcoming business trends. This pricing model is preferable for those projects that are open to regular specification and design changes. In Time and Material model, the payment is made on hourly basis, which is decided while creating the initial contract. However, clients have the freedom to revise the contract if they feel the need to alter the project’s scope and specifications.


Milestone Billing

This model is ideal for large and long-term projects. The entire project is divided into modules and the payment too, is made on milestone basis such as monthly, quarterly, etc. This approach helps in reducing large project risks and allowseffective progress monitoring.


Dedicated Development Team

In this model, a dedicated team of CodeCrab Studio’s employees, comprising of skilled team members and project manager, equipped with latest tools in accordance to clients’ needs, works as an extension of client’s operating team. Under this model,CodeCrab Studios also offers implementation of process framework as per clients’ specific needs.